Sling Thing Buboose Carrier
Sling Thing Buboose Carrier

Sling Thing Buboose Carrier

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Simple, stylish, safe, supportive, quality baby carrier.

Slip this baby carrier over your head, like a t-shirt.  Open the velcro tab at the front pop your baby in and your ready to go.

Your perfect companion for shopping, kindy drop offs and pick ups, settling or just to give you 2 hands free around the home.

Buboose is a fuss free carrier that offers you the simplicity of a sling with the comfort of a two shouldered carrier.

Supports correct M shape/Froggy positioning of your baby's hips.

Evenly distributes weight on your body with extra wide shoulder straps.

Compact enough to fit in your handbag or nappy bag so you will always have your hands free when you need them.

Suitable for use from 5-15kgs (approximately 4 months to 2+ years)

Safety tested and approved by SGS testing to ATSM Standard F2907-14a for Sling Carriers

Inspired by the element of "EARTH"
A contemporary black & white print that is grounded and practical.

Size guide:  If you are size 8-14 this is right for you.  

Material: 80% cotton & 20% Rayon for a premium blend of Strength and Softness

Style Personality: Think classic, practical, timeless