My Gypsy Child Organic Facial Spray

My Gypsy Child Organic Facial Spray

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This is a cool and refreshing aromatherapy spray made with organic zesty citrus oils and a touch of ginger extract for pregnant Mummies feeling queasy or dull, stressed out Mummies needing a pick me up and anyone else that feels like freshening up! It is particularly helpful for nausea during pregnancy and even car sick children! You get an instant blast of fresh and zesty relief, simply spray lightly over face and neck and a little on your wrists and inhale. This spritzer will help protect your skin from environmental pollution throughout the day as well as feed it with essential anti-oxidants. Spray onto clothes or bed linen, into a tissue to keep with you or anywhere on the skin. It will uplift your spirits and keep you looking fresh!


  • Gentle non-toxic formula
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Tangy uplifting citrus oils
  • Safe for use during pregnancy and on kids
  • Leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh

What’s in it?

Organic Aloe Vera Extract

Is a natural plant product and one of the best moisturizers available. It is a natural scar inhibitor, cell growth stimulator, pain reliever, coagulating agent, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. It can be used to treat many skin conditions such as burns, shingles, eczema, rashes and psoriasis and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Organic Witch Hazel Extract

Is a mild natural astringent, it reduces skin inflammation, the pain of stings, dandruff, bruises and swelling. It is wonderful as a skin freshener, local anesthetic and has skin cooling and soothing properties.

Natural Vitamin E Oil

We use this in a lot of our products. It helps normal red blood cells, muscles and other body tissues to grow and remain healthy. It is an anti-oxidant and reduces the cells’ and heart’s need for oxygen. It stimulates the immune system, helps block lipid peroxidation in cells and tissues, and can alleviate allergic reactions and help heal scar tissue. We also use it extensively as it acts as a natural preservative and prevents formulas from becoming rancid.

Organic Ginger C02 Extract

Ginger extract contains a potent anti-oxidant called gingerol which fights free radicals that attack your skin. It is also an anitseptic and its anti-inflammatory and has even been known to even out skin tone. It can also promote collagen production and improve skin structure. It is amazing stuff, and we love it, not to mention its ability to abate nausea. One of the most commonly recognized uses of ginger is for treating motion sickness and nausea. It can be used in treating nausea caused by stomach upset or virus; it also is a safe morning sickness remedy for pregnant women. Ginger Extract is also gaining popularity in the treatment and prevention of some forms of cancer!

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

The properties of Orange oil are closely related to that of Neroli being antidepressant, antispasmodic, stomachic and mildly sedative. Although orange appears to actually be more rounded and warmer in aroma, with a “feel good” sense about it. It seems to emit sunshine needed for its ripening. It is a happy oil that is also good to treat insomnia. We love Orange oil for its sweet and zesty fragrance.

Organic Lime Essential Oil

Lime oil is very refreshing, it can boost circulation and even help clear out congested skin. It has an astringent and toning action which helps encourage a clear healthy looking skin. Lime oil contains many many different medicinal properties and it is also an anit-depressant and anti-oxidant.

How to use it

Use morning and night after cleansing your skin, or simply keep some in your bag and whip it out for a quick spritz whenever you feel like it.

How does it smell?

We understand the scent of a product is very important, and although synthetic fragrances may smell good, they are not good for your skin. We like to use organic plant based fragrances in the form of essential oils safe to use during pregnancy. This organic Facial Spray is an essential item for pregnant Mummies suffering from heat or nausea, or any Mummy feeling stressed or frassled! It is a very light and zesty scent of lime and orange essential oils to uplift your spirits at the same time as calm your mind body and soul.