Love Your Bump Maternity Belly Belt
Love Your Bump Maternity Belly Belt
Love Your Bump Maternity Belly Belt

Love Your Bump Maternity Belly Belt

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Instant maternity jeans with our easy to use pregnancy waist extender.

This simple kit includes 4 elasticated fasteners in two different lengths and both button and slide fasteners to comfortably fit growing baby bumps and a range of different clothes.

Also included are 3 fabric cover-up panels, which slide over the elastic fasteners to cover the gap created by your open zip.

Not ready to change your normal clothes for maternity clothes yet? BellyBelt helps you to stick with your own wardrobe for longer by expanding the waist of all your favourite clothes and immediately making your clothes bigger, comfier and all-round bump-ready.

Perfect for jeans, trousers, skirts… anything, in fact, with a waistband that fastens up with either buttons or slide fasteners.


In each BellyBelt kit you get 2 large and 2 small elasticated waist extenders, with one of each size featuring either a slide fastener or a button. You also get 3 fabric cover ups in white, black and blue. These small fabric panels slide over the elastic belts to discreetly cover up the gap left by the open zip.

In the pack:

  • 2 button fasteners (2 different lengths of elastic with 5 button holes)
  • 2 slide fasteners (2 different lengths of elastic with 5 slide positions)
  • 3 fabric panel cover ups in black, white and blue


Decide which size and type of band you need (the stretchy bit). It needs to create enough tension to hold your clothes up but without digging in.

Thread your chosen fabric panel over the band (if you need it – you might not in the early part of pregnancy).

Attach the band into the button or slide fastener and then to close it, button or slide it into the other side of your garment, so that BellyBelt is comfortably holding up your clothes and hey presto, you have a larger waistband!

  Easy - fits most of your clothes, choice of co-ordinating colour panels

  Value - so much cheaper than maternity clothes and perfect when you’re not ready to share your news!

  Comfort - adjustable size, sits nicely under your bump AND you get to stay in your favourite jeans.

 Versatile - works for all sorts of clothes including workwear and will accommodate most sizes.


BellyBelt and Bando work perfectly together to give you comfortable support throughout pregnancy.

BellyBelt keeps you in your own clothes for longer, Bando gently supports your bump and lower back.