Difrax Training Cup
Difrax Training Cup

Difrax Training Cup

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The Difrax Toddler Training Cup with a small recess on one side of the cup exposing the toddler's nose, helps your toddler in the process of learning to drink from a regular cup. The training cup encourages a proper drinking position and technique because the head stays upright instead of tilting back, making swallowing easier. Suited for use from the age of 6 months.
Place the edge of the cup on the toddler's lip to prevent spilling. You as the parent can easily watch whether the child wants to take too big a mouthful. The toddler training cup is the ideal first step in learning to drink from a cup. Developed by the Difrax medical team.

Product highlights

- A toddler training cup with a recess for free exposure of the nose for learning to drink properly from a cup
- Easier to swallow because your child does not have to tilt its head back
- Recommended by speech therapists
- BPA Free