Chicco Natural Feeling Teat 4m+ Adjustable Flow

Chicco Natural Feeling Teat 4m+ Adjustable Flow

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Chicco's Natural Feeling 4m teat + Adjustable Flow facilitates the alternation between breast and bottle, thanks to the soft silicone that simulates the maternal breast.

The elongated shape makes the teat Chicco Natural Feeling Regular flow suitable for the baby's mouth, ensuring the suction of milk in a constant, effortless way.

To avoid the ingestion of the air during the feeding, the product is equipped with an effective anticolic valve, designed by Chicco to effectively prevent the appearance of colic.

Chicco regular flow teat is part of the Natural Feeling line, a series of products designed to offer maximum serenity during all stages of breastfeeding.



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The full range of NaturalFeeling will help to make the transition to bottle feeding easier!