Billie Baby Cleansing Bar

Billie Baby Cleansing Bar

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Billie Goat Soap is famous for making soap for people with sensitive skin, and our Billie Baby range is an extension of this promise.

This plain bar does not have any colours or fragrance added, and remains completely hand-made using fresh goat's milk. Half of every bar is made from Australian virgin olive oil - leaving baby's skin feeling soft and moisturised. There are no colours or fragrances added.

The Billie Baby Cleansing Bars have the added benefit of Vitamin E - famous for its anti-oxidant properties.

One of the most appealing benefits of the Billie Baby Cleansing Bar is its size. Each gift box contains two bars cut to palm size. This makes it easy to hold baby in one hand and use the soap in the other. Our bars are a minimum 100g mass when manufactured (2 x 50g bars).