Kaper Kids : Wooden Animal Roly-Poly


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Introduce a world of discovery to infants and young children with the Kaper Kidz Roly Poly. Delight in its gentle rocking motion as it effortlessly sways back and forth, returning upright with each movement. The accompanying ring of soft-sounding beads enhances the excitement of tipping and turning. This sensory clutch and knocking toy not only entertains but also fosters crucial developmental skills.

By encouraging an understanding of cause and effect, spatial intelligence, and movement awareness, the Roly Poly becomes a valuable tool in early childhood development.

Crafted meticulously, each wooden Roly Poly Animal by Kaper Kidz is constructed from premium timber, ensuring durability. The use of child-safe, non-toxic paint underscores our commitment to the safety and well-being of young explorers.

Elevate playtime with this high-quality, stimulating toy

8cmLx8cmWx9cmH, weight 100g

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Weight .13 kg

Bear, Rabbit


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