Sweet Dreams Breathing Space Mattress Protector


Breathing Space Mattress Protector

The “Breathing Space” range of mattress protectors is the first to offer “real”protection for your baby or infant from a prolonged sleeping position in moisture.
Frankly, when your toddler does a wee, he or she won’t be lying in it until the next nappy change. Because of its somewhat unusual fabric composition, the urine travels through the upper layer of padded fabric, which comprises of countless air holes, these holes allow not only maximum air flow, but also the flow of liquids to a cotton under layer, which absorbs the fluids. The result is that the cotton underlay absorbs the liquid and a cushion or brathing space seperates your toddler from the wet area.
No other mattress protector works this way…..
In fact most protectors have a thin layer of polyester to absorb urine or perhaps milk spills or vomit. Polyester does not absorb. Independant laboratory tests have shown that urine puddles when a polyester or non-natural layer is used to absorb liquids.
With the Breathing Space, not only does it absorb well but the cushioned or padded upper layer seperates the baby from the urine. It absorbs extremely well in fact, 1.2 litres per square metre…quite a lot of liquid.
The Breathing Space mattress protector absorbs up to 5.5 times faster than other protectors for infants.

Layers comprised of:
Cushioned space fabric - to allow the flow of liquid
Cotton under layer - for absorption
Waterproof bottom layer - to protect the mattress
Available in Cot, Cradle and Bassinette Size


The Breathing Space range is the first to offer “real” protection against wetness and deliver maximum air circulation together in one product.

Barrier Protection

The mattress protectors, cot, cradle and bassinette are constructed of a combination of materials that place a barrier between wetness and the baby. Liquid passes through the barrier to a sub cotton layer which has the ability to quickly absorb and LOCK AWAY UP TO 1.2 LITRES PER SQUARE METRE.

The Breathing Space vertical ventilation system promotes optimum air circulation allowing air to flow in, out and through the mattress protectors and cot pillow. This greatly assists in minimising overheating and contributes to a healthy sleeping environment for your baby or toddler.

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