Montii Co : Fusion Range Small Bumper – 350ml, 475ml, 700ml


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Slip a Small Bumper on our Montii Fusion Universal Insulated Bases in sizes 350ml, 475ml or 700ml, for a soft landing on hard surfaces.

The durable silicone material gives your base extra protection against drops, knocks and scuffs. Pick up the same Bumper colour as your bottle, or mix and match to put a spin on your usual style!


Diameter: 7.6cm

Fits our 350ml, 475ml, 700ml universal bases

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Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm

Blizzard, Dune, Midnight, Crimson, Pine, Reef, Lagoon, Sunbeam, Calypso, Dusk


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