Tookyland : DIY 3D wooden solar truck science and craft kit


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Build your own Solar Truck with this amazing kit. All you need is to make it, decorate it and actually make it go. This kit comes with all you need is to build, decorate and make it go with solar energy. simply press out the wooden car components and construct the vehicle by following the instructions (enclosed). This car simply slots together, so no need for messy glue that gets everywhere.

Once you've build the truck, you can decorate it with the stickers to give it some super tough green colours. Or, if you'd rather paint it yourself, the timber is a great surface to paint (paints not included). After you've decorated your truck, its time to make it go! Simply add the easy electronic components and place the racer in direct sunlight to charge the solar panel. Once charged, your car will be off and racing. To stop the truck, simply place the racer out of direct sunlight or put paper over the solar panels, its that easy.

This product comes with 5 sheets of laser cut plywood and 2 sticker sheets and a bag of electronics for solar. Comes with screwdriver. Once built, you can decorate with stickers.

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