Chicco Natural Feeling Teat – 0m+


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Chicco's 0m + regular flow silicone teat is part of the Natural Feeling line, designed by Chicco to simulate breastfeeding and offer the baby a sensation that is as natural as possible. Made of soft and flexible silicone material, the Natural Feeling teat 0m + facilitates the alternation between breast and bottle, giving the right moments of breastfeeding serenity. 
The particular shape of the Chicco 0-month NaturalFeeling teat that allows it to stay full of milk and the combination with the double valve, avoids the ingestion of air preventing colic.
The inclined teat is always full of milk and allows a natural latch and suction, just like their mother's breast. It favours a comfortable position for newborns and the slow flow makes it ideal for first feedings.
The double anti-air valve prevents air intake and guarantees maximum protection against colic and re-flux.
Satin textured soft silicone, extra velvet effect for pleasant feeding. 

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 7 cm


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