Chicco Natural Feeling BPA Free Plasic Bottle


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A comfortable feeding position for baby!

This innovative bottle has change the game with a 96% acceptance rate, all due to Chicco looking at the natural instinctive way a mothers teat sits and replicating it the best way we can.

Chicco's bottle gives the baby a serene experience during the breastfeeding period, thanks to the innovations introduced by the Natural Feeling range. Equipped with a teat made of soft silicone with a particular inclined shape that allows it to be always filled with milk, the bottle allows a natural suck without fatigue, ideal from the first feedings. The inclined shape also helps the newborn maintain the correct posture of the head. To prevent the baby from swallowing the air, the Step Up New bottle 0m + is equipped with a special anti-choke valve placed on the teat. Chicco's natural teat doing things the natural way, your baby feels comfortable and so does mum & dad.


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The full range of NaturalFeeling will help to make the transition to bottle feeding easier!

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150ml 0m+, 250ml 2m+, 330ml 6m+


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