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Munch Flexi protects your child and prevents damage to your cot. Your child’s tender gums and new teeth are protected whilst the risk of ingesting wood, paint & varnish is removed. The soft chewable surface provides teething relief. Munch Flexi fits a wide range of cot brands & profiles. Includes double-sided adhesive tape which can be easily removed when teething is finished.

All Munch® Cot Teething Rails are manufactured from high quality, food grade FDA compliant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and are totally safe.  They have a soft, rubbery feel and are designed to be chewed to help relieve teething, whilst also protecting your nursery furniture. We recommend you purchase a Munch® teething rail with your cot to protect your baby’s teeth & health and your cot before teething starts.

It is designed to protect one side of the cot, however if your cot has a thin rail (up to around 30mm) then you could potentially cut the Flexi teething rail in half length-ways to cover two cot sides. There is sufficient adhesive tape included to do that.

The Flexi teething rail includes a roll of our special double-sided adhesive tape. The tape is strong but gentle, easy to apply and is easily removed when teething is finished.

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