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Offering optimum support for babies using Boori Cot Beds, our Cot Bed Pocket Spring Mattress finishes off your baby’s cosy sleeping space. Each pocket spring works independents, reacting only to the pressure applied to that area, providing maximum support to your little one.

The breathable outer layer allows your little one to comfortably regulate their own temperature, for a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Your mind will be at ease knowing all of our cot and cot bed mattresses conform to Australia’s very strict safety regulations.


  • IMPORTANT NOTE - please check compatibility prior to purchase: if you're uncertain whether this mattress is suitable for your cot, please locate the warning label on the cot's base board; this should state a recommended mattress size.
  • This mattress comes compressed, rolled up and packed in a box. Please double check and confirm compatibility prior to purchase.
  • Our mattresses are compressed and rolled when they leave our factory, this makes them more eco-friendly to transport and easy to store! Your mattress will need some time to expand and flatten before you’re able to use it on your bed so please allow 24 hours before use.
  • Due to hygienic reasons, we generally do not accept returns or exchanges for mattress products that have already been opened from their packaging.
  • 132cm x 70cm x 11cm mattress that fits most recent and current range Boori cot beds
  • Pocket springs work independently, reacting only to the pressure applied to that area to provide maximum comfort.
  • 100% polyester breathable outer layer.
  • 5 Year Warranty.

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Dimensions 77.6 × 23.8 × 23.3 cm


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